Neigungsgruppe K.O. (Martin Behr, Johanna Hierzegger, Markus Wilfling)

7000 Pfeffersprays für Graz

   Bildende Kunst

The Neigungsgruppe K. O. will design 7000 pepper spray sculptures over the course of 2020. The pepper sprays are numbered, signed casts in concrete. The objects are mini-sculptures that set out to be successful on the art market and to boost people’s subjective sense of security. The sculptures will be displayed at various venues of the Grazer Kulturjahr 2020 but also handed out free of charge in public space by voluntary helpers along with an information leaflet.

7000 Pfeffersprays für Graz Hierzegger Küberl

Accompanying the project, a poster action with prominent testimonials (Pia Hierzegger, Franz Küberl, etc.) will draw attention to the action and its inherent strategies. The “ironic act with a serious background” is designed to oppose populist trends.

7000 Pfeffersprays für Graz Hierzegger Küberl
Neigungsgruppe K.O Team
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23 Jan bis 31 Dec

7000 Pfeffersprays für Graz
// Ort: Kulturjahr 2020-Veranstaltungen und öffentlicher Raum Graz

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