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This extensive project allows residents of Graz to experience art in everyday life in all districts throughout the year. With the aid of this project, Grazer Kunstverein is broadening people’s understanding of where culture can be situated in our urban surroundings and which different forms of involvement are possible. As part of this project, twenty artists from more than seventeen nations are speculatively relocating the site of Grazer Kunstverein into urban space. The temporary events and art projects are taking place in public space with a close link to the cultural diversity of the seventeen districts.

Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht um Heikkilä Wetzelsdorf

Grazer Kunstverein at Palais Trauttmansdorff acts as an information centre, production site, office space and studio. This is the location of the headquarters—a system of modular structures commissioned to Edward Clydesdale Thomson. The separate elements can be taken along to the various venues around the city and serve as a catalogue of temporary architectures. Each of the speculative art associations embodies a different kind of idea: conceptual, aesthetic, performative and formal.
The documentation of the project will take the form of a printed guide to the city and an app.

Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht um Heikkilä Wetzelsdorf
Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht um Andritz McNulty Andritz
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01 Jan 2020 bis 31 Dec 2020

Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht in den Botanischen Garten
// Ort: Botanischer Garten Lageplan googlemaps

24 Jan2020

Eröffnung des Depots
19:00 // Ort: Grazer Kunstverein Depot Lageplan googlemaps

28 Feb2020

Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht in die Stadtbibliothek
18:00 // Ort: Stadtbibliothek Zanklhof Lageplan googlemaps

04 Mar2020

Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht zum Fußballstadion
18:00 // Ort: Treffpunkt bei der Straßenbahnstation "Stadion Liebenau" Lageplan googlemaps

03 Jul2020

[postponed:] Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht nach Andritz
// Ort: Hilmteich Lageplan googlemaps

24 Jul2020

[postponed:] Der Grazer Kunstverein in den Wald
18:00 // Ort: Treffpunkt in der Heurigenschenke Sattler Lageplan googlemaps

07 Aug2020

[postponed:] Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht in den Klimanotstand
19:00 // Ort: Haltestelle Volksschule Gösting Lageplan googlemaps

01 Sep 2020 bis 30 Sep 2020

Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht in ein Badezimmer
// Ort: Öffentlicher Raum Lend

Der Grazer Kunstverein zieht in die Buschenschank
// Ort: Online Anmeldung erforderlich

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