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   Music/Sound Art

“gut aufgelegt” combines DJ subculture with feminist strategies, operating at the interface between integration, community work, and art. The aim of the project is to gradually overcome social and cultural differences with the aid of music as a universal language and to make an active contribution to equal rights. “gut aufgelegt” is divided into three parts:

in the first phase, residents of Graz aged at least sixteen will join women with a migration background in DJ workshops to work on technical DJing skills and contribute to the theoretical discourse.

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In the second phase of the project, the aim is to arrange gigs for the budding DJs along with coaching by the DJ crew at the Grrrls association. In addition to well-known festivals and locations in Graz, it is also planned to open up new cultural spaces.

The third phase is a final event: a big public concert with all of the organisations and participants in the Project.

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