Café Jakomini

JAKOTOP - Ein Heimatfilm von Markus Mörth

   Dramatic Arts

A film about the tug-of-war between everyday urban realities and escapism into personal worlds of appearances.
The documentary film “JAKOTOP” explores everyday life in the Jakomini district, focusing on people’s wishes for the future of their district.

As a journey to the residents of this district of Graz spanning 2020, the film depicts these people in the tug-of-war between the relentlessness of everyday urban realities and constant escapism into the security of their personal worlds of appearances and retreats.

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Jakotop Café Jakomini Klaus Strobl Markus Mörth

By omitting and transforming so-called reality, director Markus Mörth will lend this documentary film a special aesthetic.

Jakotop Café Jakomini Klaus Strobl Markus Mörth
Markus Mörth Jakotop
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