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The literature magazines ausreißer, LICHTUNGEN and perspektive are joining forces to publish four special multilingual issues geared to the four most common languages spoken in Graz (in addition to German). These issues will document and accentuate the cultural and economic potential of linguistic variety.

Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe

The special multi-language issues TRANSLETTER will be elaborated, presented and circulated in spaces that feature rarely if at all in public, cultural life. “litzeit:trilogie” thus sets out to reach sections of the population for whom reading literature magazines may not go without saying and thus contribute to reducing social inequality and to sustainable integration.

Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe
Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe
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29 May2021

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