Neue Hofkapelle Graz

MUSICA FUGIT - Interaktives Musiktheater

   Darstellende Kunst Musik/Klangkunst

A concert evening in unusual places evolves into a theatre performance. Early music crosses genre boundaries and focuses on current social issues.

In this transdisciplinary contribution, the genre of early music demonstrates that it is capable of transcending the conventional boundaries of historical categories by far, engaging in a timely examination of social topics of our times.

Together with the Kamtchàtka theatre collective, the Neue Hofkapelle Graz develops a music theatre project that is devoted to migration. For the audience, a theatre tour begins as a classical concert evening in unusual places, with theatrical scenes slowly evolving in which the viewers assume the roles of the protagonists. Venues are private flats and sites in the Gries district that are almost impossible for the public to access.

Neue Hofkapelle Graz Musica Fugit Werkstätte
Neue Hofkapelle Graz Musica Fugit Werkstätte
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13 May 2021 bis 16 May 2021

MUSICA FUGIT- Interaktives Musiktheater Eintritt
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