FH Joanneum Masterstudiengang Architektur / FH Joanneum Masterstudiengang Architektur

Shared Desk Reininghaus

   Visual Arts

The old floor malt house is one of the distinctive historical buildings in the Reininhausgründe urban development area of Graz. As part of a temporary use scheme, an open public space will be created on the first floor of the building, a large table in the middle. The “Shared Desk” serves as an information desk, community centre, service centre and a fine food meet; it has built-in virtual reality equipment and is a facility for drawing workshops, exhibitions and semester parties.

The desk will be used as an open studio by students of FH Joanneum from February to July and by artists, culture workers, architects and scientists from July to October. The desk will be made in a student competition held by the FH master’s degree programme in “Architecture” in coordination with the owner of the floor malt house, ENW Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH. The Shared Desk is intended to stay in use for pioneering activities until the building is eventually converted.

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Shared Desk Reininghaus FH Joanneum Masterstudiengang Architektur
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