Vorgärten in Graz.
Urbane Baukultur, Stadtökologie und Lebensqualität vor der Haustür


Front gardens are an important part of the appearance of the Geidorf, St. Leonhard and Jakomini districts. In collaboration with local residents in these areas, the “Vorgärten in Graz” (Front gardens in Graz) project sets out to document the importance of front gardens, to develop an overall interdisciplinary concept and a catalogue of quality criteria for front gardens, and to describe the approximately 800 existing gardens based on this overall concept.

This is intended to lead to recommendations for best practices for designing and tending ornamental urban gardens. A junior science scheme will educate children and young people about the subject. “Vorgärten in Graz” is an unusual project on an urban space of tremendous importance to local residents as an immediate sphere of everyday life.

Ökoteam Vorgärten in Graz Blume
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