8 Fenster. Ein theatrales Vexierspiel

   Dramatic Arts

The participative theatre performance “8 Fenster zum Hof” (8 windows on to a courtyard) is a reflection on the public and private sphere, on watching and being watched in the digital age. The performance centres on fifteen individuals in eight windows of a residential building. Although to begin with it looks like they are the only cast in this piece, it soon evolves that the audience also has a role to play: by means of an app for which spectators have to register with their names, they not only get the soundtrack and background information about what’s going on behind the eight windows; they are also watched digitally and incorporated into the performance. They are voyeurs of everyday life and voyeurees at the same time. At the end of the piece, the spectators are invited into the building and confronted with the details about themselves which they have revealed in the course of the performance.

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8 Fenster. Ein theatrales Vexierspiel Hauswand
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