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Aus dem Schatten des Wasserturms


The WALD residential development in the Smart City area of Graz extends between Waagner-Biro-Straße, Asperngasse, Laudongasse and Daungasse. One of the landmarks of the area is the old water tower on the site of the main railway station. The residents of this area will join forces with students of FH Joanneum to redefine the identity and quality of their home.

Using community organising methods, the aim is to create a “Percent for Art” project that encourages social interaction. In the course of a one-year process, the project sets out to explore the identity-creating effect of existing works. Parallel to this, there will be work with people in social housing on specific ideas as to how to create identity and living culture with the aid of architectural interventions.
The project is a cooperation of the Büro für Pessi_mismus, the architect Jan Werner, the course in “Building Design” at FH Joanneum, and Stadtteilarbeit EggenLend.

Büro für Pessimismus Aus dem Schatten des Wasserturms Kunst Kitsch und Kaffee
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20 Mar2020

Aus dem Schatten des Wasserturms englisch
15:00 // Ort: Waagner-Biro Straße 20 (Halle Innenhof, 8020 Graz), Siedlung WALD Lageplan googlemaps


Due to the actual situation the exhibition is cancelled.
Visits for small groups are possible. (phone: +43 6502413764)

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