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Humming Room

   Musik/Klangkunst Bildende Kunst

A poetic, sensuous contribution of the artist Elisabeth Harnik in collaboration with architect Milena Stavric and acoustician Jamilla Balint: the experience of nature in urban space and the problem of mass bee death.
The sound installation “Humming Room” is a walk-in three-dimensional, dynamic structure based on honeycombs with six movable wall elements that form a common structure. The sound of humming bees is heard inside the walk-in installation and the varying configuration of the walls makes visitors subtly aware of this acoustic perception.

Elisabeth Harnik Humming Room
(c) Milena Stavric

The boundary is blurred between urban sounds and bee humming, and the space-time continuum appears for a moment like an endless sound installation, shaped by the surrounding architecture. To conclude the project, the honeycomb structure will be broken apart and six separate sound sculptures will be spread out around Graz and turned into insect hotels in the long run.

Elisabeth Harnik Humming Room
Elisabeth Harnik Humming Room Visualisierung
© Elisabeth Harnik
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24 Jul2020

Humming Room
// Ort: Augarten (Grünfläche vor dem MUWA) Lageplan googlemaps // Installation

ER/ÖFFNUNG (Opening)
// Ort: Augarten (Grünfläche vor dem MUWA) Lageplan googlemaps // Installation

16 Sep2020

Feed the Bees
18:00 // Ort: Augarten (Grünfläche vor dem MUWA) Lageplan googlemaps // Sound Performance

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