Daniel Hafner

Modern People
Über die Strukturen, die den Alltag von Lebewesen bestimmen

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Daniel Hafner

The public performance project by the artist Daniel Hafner opens up new spaces of thought, fires the imagination and questions learned patterns of living together in the city.

“Modern People” is a performance project by Daniel Hafner in which he joins artist Elke Auer and dramaturg Anna Laner to playfully redefine how we live together in the city. The ten-day project in public space can be attended around the clock. The performance activities range from everyday routines such as eating and sleeping to experimental learning and developing language and social structures.

Modern People Performance

All actions are based on algorithms which the protagonists continue to evolve together: on forays into the city, the participants are constantly incorporating new material and information from the surroundings into the performance. The basis is an open setup that integrates many spheres of life and questions about the future for which conventional explanations cannot supply the answers. “Modern People” aims to open up new spaces of thought, fire the imagination and question learned patterns.

Modern People Performance
Modern People Haende
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