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One of the most-visited sights of Graz, the Schlossberg funicular is being transformed into a utopian zone by the artist duo studio ASYNCHROME. Based on discussions and research on the subect of utopia, studio ASYNCHROME are developing narrative drawings to be transferred onto the physical setting of the Schlossberg funicular by means of a special foil.

The innovative foil can be dimmed and controlled by an app. Depending on the background, incidence of light and transparency/opaqueness of the foil, the drawings appear as shadows, as additional layers in urban space or as covering images.


Being controllable from outside, it is possible to transform the entire interior of the funicular into a concrete graphical version of a utopian structure. Passengers experience current spaces of possibility for the duration of one journey, but never in their entirety—something that is inherent in our present time.

Project Partners: Holding Graz Freizeit, smartfilmplus, Institut für Architektur und Medien – TU Graz, Campus 02, Reproteam, CARVATECH, FREY Austria, STABILO, Seilbahnbüro Schupfer, PSt GmbH, Aplan Engineering

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18 Aug 2020 bis 31 Dec 2020

[POSTPONED:] Eröffnung
// Ort: Schloßbergbahn Lageplan googlemaps // Opening

01 Jan 2021 bis 15 Mar 2021

Betrieb Space*Object*Inbetween
// Ort: Schloßbergbahn Lageplan googlemaps // Installation

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