Elisabeth Gallaun-Enzinger

Stadtteil-Forschungsreise für Kinder


Graz-Gösting from the perspective of children: pre-school children discover and explore their district, designing a book on the subject.

When it comes to the question of ideas for a desirable future, children naturally play a special role. In this cooperation project in Gösting, children aged three to six set out to discover and explore their district. The results of this expedition will be used to create a district discovery book by children for children.

Kulturjahr Urbanismus

The urban expedition will be accompanied by educators, an architect and an art historian. A children’s book writer will assist the children in designing the book. The district discovery book is intended to encourage people to discover and explore Graz through the eyes of a child.

Kulturjahr Urbanismus
Kulturjahr Urbanismus
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