Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft der UNESCO-Schulen Steiermark

Tausch der Worte


The Styrian UNESCO schools invite youth groups from different life-worlds to discuss with each other. The project enables an exchange of views between young people who would usually not engage in conversation with each other. The youth group pairings will be drawn at an opening event, with chance deciding who gets to talk with each other. Students of the University College of Teacher Education will host the talks.

Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe

The discussions and results will be documented and presented at the final event.

The focus of the project is on face-to-face communication beyond cultural, social and language barriers as an instrument that helps people overcome prejudices and strengthen social interaction. For years, similar discussion events have been a firm fixture of school curricula in Denmark.

Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe
Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe
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11 Mar2020

Tausch der Worte
17:00 // Ort: BHAK/BHAS/BHAKB Grazbachgasse Lageplan googlemaps

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