Walter Felber and Wolfgang Eder

Science park Phytoremediation

Walter Felber und Wolfgang Eder

The “F&E Phytoremediation” (R&D Phytoremediation) working group explores alternative modes of recycling, waste utilisation, and dealing with contaminated sites. Their BIOTECH ONE project (2013–2017) succeeded in reducing the residual toxicity of heavy metals in “earth-like” waste substrates. This experience is developed further in BIOTECH TWO (2019–2024). The project began in 2019 at six sites in three Austrian climate regions. During the Year of Culture 2020 a trial area will be installed in Graz that is planned to stay in operation as a “Phytoremediation Science Park” after 2020. The “Biology and Reusable Material Recovery / Phytoremediation” project will be presented at specialist conferences in Graz and Leoben in November 2020.

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01 Jan 2020 bis 31 Dec 2021

Wissenschaftspark Phytoremediation (Science Park Phytoremediation)
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Testing Ground

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