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Born to fake

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With the aid of the multimedia play “Born to fake” director Roland Berger sets out to raise awareness of the power of the media and fake news.

German documentary film-maker Michael Born is regarded as one of the founding fathers of fake news in the German-speaking world. Working as a television journalist, he sold numerous documentaries with fake content to TV magazine shows in the 1990s. In 1996, Koblenz regional court sentenced him to four years in prison on seventeen counts of fraud and three counts of attempted fraud.

Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe

Based on Michael Born’s extensive material, the project spotlights his personality and the role and responsibility of the media. Michael Born was involved in creating the play up to his death in Graz on 4 March 2019 and was originally planned to be on the cast.

Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe
Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe
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