Heidi Pretterhofer und Michael Rieper

Club Hybrid
Ein Demonstrativbau in Graz

   Community Bildende Kunst

Club Hybrid is an active scientific, artistic intervention and an open demonstration building in one: a place for experimenting, for exhibiting and representing, and for discourse.
The boom in housing construction in Graz is driven by monetary rather than social or ecological forces. The pressure on the urban sphere is growing, with public interests falling by the wayside.

During its run of 100 days, Club Hybrid questions current planning policies, drawing attention to forms of living and housing, and exploring ways of stretching and reinterpreting current limitations on space.

Club Hybrid Heidi Pretterhofer und Michael Rieper Fußballtor
(c) Club Hybrid

Engaging with neighbourhoods, the goal is to discuss and live ways of shaping and conquering living space in exhibitions, workshops and guest contributions.

Club Hybrid will evolve from a temporary event into a permanent fixture: experiments with alternative forms of housing, work and living will lead to a hybrid demonstration building that will be developed by the project sponsor MVD Austria in collaboration with Andreas Rumpfhuber (Expanded Design) and with the participation of the future users.

Club Hybrid Heidi Pretterhofer und Michael Rieper Fußballtor
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25 Jun2020

Öffentliche Begehung
18:00 // Ort: Herrgottwiesgasse 157 Lageplan googlemaps

16 Dec2020

Club Hybrid
20:30 // Ort: Online

12 Jan2021

20:30 // Ort: Online

26 Jan2021

20:00 // Ort: Online

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