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A desirable future and its counter-image brought to life by innovative technology: “Dystoptimal” is a smartphone app that presents a dystopian vision of Graz on screen, encouraging citizens to rediscover the city. The app projects a virtual reality that users can experience immersively at defined points in all seventeen districts of the city by mapping a parallel environment over the real world. The 3D renderings are animated and move along with the users when they pan their phone.

Georg Hartwig Dystoptimal Schriftzug

The style of the virtual reality scenes echoes the set design of such films as Bladerunner or Brazil, with a matching sound design for added depth. “Dystoptimal” allows users to experience the city afresh in the here and now from a different, holistic context. The project raises awareness for the quality of life and aesthetic of the urban surroundings. Instagram

Georg Hartwig Dystoptimal Schriftzug
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21 Sep 2020 bis 31 Mar 2021

// Ort: definierte, gekennzeichnete Stellen in der Stadt Graz


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