Manuela Zechner

Graz 2030 im Klima des Wandels


Climate change calls for new ideas, ways of living, and forms of social interaction. Pupils develop an audio drama on this theme at the intersection of art, research and educational science.

Pupils of HLW Schrödinger develop a science-fiction audio drama dealing with alternative scenarios of urban development. The focus is on possible forms of living, coexisting, travelling and consuming in Graz in 2030.

Umwelt und Klima

In a one-week creative workshop, the pupils will elaborate differentiated visions for the future in collaboration with a team of teachers and the artistic directors of the project. The necessary detailed expertise comes from interviews with experts conducted in cooperation with Radio Helsinki.

The roughly one-hour audio drama developed in the workshop deals above all with issues of everyday social interaction, with technological and political questions being of secondary importance. The audio drama will be broadcast by Radio Helsinki and radio stations in the country and abroad. It will be presented in the school and will also be available on the internet.

Umwelt und Klima
Umwelt und Klima
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