Adina F. Camhy, Robin Klengel, Coline Robin und Markus Waitschacher


   Wissenschaft Bildende Kunst

A transdisciplinary team circumnavigates Graz along the sixty-kilometre-long border of the city, exploring urban life from the periphery.

In the form of a circumnavigation of the city, an interdisciplinary team of four (Adina Felicitas Camhy, Robin Klengel, Coline Robin, Markus Waitschacher) will focus on the periphery from the vantage point of science and art.
The team will explore the sixty-kilometre-long perimeter of the city, asking questions as to which different spaces and landscapes are intersected by the border of the city, where urban space blends with its environs, and how we can conceive the city from its edges.

Grazrand Illustration

At the end of the week of events the collection will comprise found objects, field recordings, drawings, texts and transcripts of conversations and will be showcased in the form of a mobile pop-up exhibition in four locations along the border of Graz. In addition, it is also planned to create a catalogue, a blog, a mobile exhibition display and a series of postcards on the project.

Grazrand Illustration
Grazrand Illustration
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08 Oct


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01 Dec

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