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In this community project by FH Joanneum, the focus is on local residents of the Eggenberg district.
The starting point of the project is an examination of the numerous major construction projects in Eggenberg.

Over the space of two months, temporary contact points for local residents will be installed at two busy locations in cooperation with the EggenLend district centre.

(c) Cara Mielzarek

Here, residents will be able to exchange views on their concerns and contribute their own ideas for improving the neighbourhood and active social interaction. The contact persons will be design students from the university of applied science and social experts.

The next step will be to put as many suggestions as possible into practice with no predetermined outcomes. The focus of the project is on local people’s concerns in Eggenberg.

(c) Cara Mielzarek
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09 Jun2021

14:00 // Ort: Eggenberg

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