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More and more often, rising average temperatures are leading to urban overheating during the summer. For the future of cities like Graz, measures designed to adapt to climate change play a crucial role.
The Climate Culture Pavilion Graz 2020 is an installation in public space that showcases future models of urban cooling in hot summers.
Over the space of six months, the pavilion allows visitors to experience ideas and visions for cooling architectures and climate-resilient outdoor spaces.

In addition to architectural and horticultural design and climate control facilities, the programming of the pavilion is a crucial aspect: in projects and workshops, local residents will be able to meet experts from the world of science, climate research and landscape design. The Breathe Earth Collective is thus following on from its successful “Breathe.Austria” pavilion installed for Austria at the Expo 2015 in Milan.

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28 Apr2021

16:00 // Ort: Freiheitsplatz Lageplan googlemaps // Opening

29 Apr 2021 bis 15 Aug 2021

Bespielung Klima-Kultur-Pavillon
// Ort: Freiheitsplatz Lageplan googlemaps

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