Institut für Mathematik und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen (Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz)

Listen to intuition

   Wissenschaft Bildende Kunst

The project combines futurology, mathematics and artistic thought patterns, affording insights into current research in Graz.
In a temporary meeting room, invited guests and random passers-by will be able to experience the creation of current knowledge and artistic work. There will be performances on four days in which the participants will perform compositions, explain mathematical reference points with the aid of stories, and interactively impart knowledge.

(c) Tamara Friebel

In addition, exhibition elements and sound installations will give visitors a “hands-on” understanding of aspects of mathematics including frieze patterns, triangulation or collective behaviour. Methods include associative thinking and acting, revolving around the common fulcrum of intuition. The aim is to give a wide audience an insight into current research in Graz and to demonstrate how it shapes pioneering thought processes and social change.
“Listen to Intuition” is based on the project “Mathematics & Arts: Towards a Balance Between Artistic Intuition and Mathematical Complexity”.

(c) Tamara Friebel
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05 Jul 2021 bis 16 Jul 2021

Listen to intuition
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07 Sep 2021 bis 17 Sep 2021

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