Kinderbüro - Die Lobby für Menschen bis 14

Mobilität im urbanen Raum in 25 Jahren

   Kinder/Jugend Bildende Kunst

How will we be travelling and what means of transport will we be using in 2045? Based on visions for the future drawn up by children from Graz, the project will create a thirty-metre-long mural.

The project asks children aged eight to fourteen how they see mobility in Graz in twenty-five years’ time. They will discuss this question in lessons ahead of the project. In a communal, artistic creative process, the pupils will then present images of their visions of 2045.

Kulturjahr Urbanismus

In a selection process with public participation, ten artworks will be chosen from all entries and integrated into a single image by the artist Gernot Passath. Together with the children, Passath will spray their images onto a high, thirty-metre-long wall of the Siemens Mobility Plant in Köflacher Gasse so as to create a complex, vibrant image of the future of mobility in Graz.

Kulturjahr Urbanismus
Kulturjahr Urbanismus
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01 Jan 2020 bis 31 Mar 2020

Orientierungs- und Kreativphase
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01 Apr 2020 bis 30 Jun 2020

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