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Although the majority of the population live in peri-urban areas, such areas do not feature prominently in urban development concepts. The aim of the “Direct Urbanism” project is to replace unspectacular peri-urban development with new forms of centrality. For this purpose, international urban practitioners are invited to implement projects in the peripheral districts Andritz, Liebenau, Wetzelsdorf and Waltendorf that deploy artistic, urbanistic methods to initiate innovative programmes for socially engaged urban planning as a collaborative process with local residents.

With the aid of their interventions, public works (London), Georg Winter (Saarbrücken), Stalker (Rome) and transparadiso (Graz) will encourage a specific identity in the peripheral districts, focusing on the collective qualities and appropriation of public spaces. The plan is to turn Graz into a hotspot of urbanistic consideration in Europe in 2020.

Partner transparadiso: Michael Petrowitsch
Project partners: HDA Graz, Forum Stadtpark, dérive

transparadiso Normal_direkter Urbanixmus x vier Auto Andritz
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02 Oct2020

NORMAL - direkter Urbanismus in 4 Grazer Bezirken // Recherche zu den 4 Bezirke
10:00 // Ort: Fachschule für Land-und Forstwirtschaft Grottenhof/ Bio-Bauernmarkt, Wetzelsdorf Lageplan googlemaps // Exhibition Opening

03 Oct2020

NORMAL - direkter Urbanismus in 4 Grazer Bezirken // Recherche zu den 4 Bezirke
09:00 // Ort: Andritzer Hauptplatz Lageplan googlemaps // Exhibition

03 Oct2020

Realisierung der urbanen Interventionen in den 4 Bezirken
14:00 // Ort: Jugendzentrum Am Grünanger Lageplan googlemaps

04 Oct2020

Third World Congress of the Missing Things
11:00 // Ort: Pfarre St.Paul (Waltendorf) Lageplan googlemaps // Congress

27 Jan2021

NORMAL_Direkter Urbanismus x vier
// Ort: Haus der Architektur Lageplan googlemaps

28 Jan 2021 bis 24 Feb 2021

// Ort: Haus der Architektur Lageplan googlemaps

15 Apr 2021 bis 30 Jun 2021

03 Jul 2021 bis 04 Jul 2021

// Ort: Parkplatz der Pfarre St. Paul, Waltendorf Lageplan googlemaps

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