Antonia Manhartsberger, Bruna Diniz Afonso und Olga Peric

   Darstellende Kunst Musik/Klangkunst

A combination of dance and 3D sound system, the performance format develops an immersive form of storytelling.

In “” the dancers Bruna Diniz Afonso and Olga Peric join the composer Antonia Manhartsberger to create a cross-genre reflection on the sociology of space. The performances take place at different locations in four districts of Graz. The combination of dance, spatialised sound and voice recordings engages the audience in the performance and the site-specific discourse.

Kulturjahr Urbanismus

Recordings of sounds from the various sites and statements from local residents are interrelated by means of music, translating the urban dynamics into dance.

The performance arrangement also revolves around the audience thanks to the positioning of the spatial audio system. Each visitor decides which acoustic and visual perspective to take. “” explores how dance can approach the future on the basis of its (body) language.

Kulturjahr Urbanismus
Kulturjahr Urbanismus
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