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Triester Hafenfest


The Triestersiedlung housing estate is situated by the sea. At least for the duration of the district party “Triester Hafen” (Trieste Harbour). The oft-invoked Mediterranean feel of Graz is about to settle on the council estate.

For one day, people will be able to experience their neighbourhood very differently. Not as a “socially deprived area” but as a place for encounter, with celebrations all day long. For one day, the Tändelwiese in the Triestersiedlung estate is turning into a Mediterranean piazza for this street party. Together with local residents and institutions, this will be a multifaceted day of festivities. The presentations and performances will be planned and staged for, with and by people living on the Triestersiedlung estate.

Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe

Going on until late at night, there will be a wide-ranging programme of events with artistic and creative contributions in a fictitious “Trieste Harbour”. A communicative “Mediterranean” place where people can spend time together over fine food, music, video screenings, theatre performances, cabaret, games and storytelling.

Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe
Kulturjahr 2020 Soziales Miteinander Schuhe
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08 May2021

Triester Hafenfest
// Ort: Auf der Tändelwiese Lageplan googlemaps

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