Union of Global Artificial Intelligence (U.G.A.I.)

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The “Union of Global Artificial Intelligence (U.G.A.I.)” is holding its first public annual general meeting in Graz to discuss machine rights, among other questions.

One part of the project involves founding a fictitious union of intelligent machines and systems. For the first time in its history, the “Union of Global Artificial Intelligence (U.G.A.I.)” is opening its annual general meeting for human beings.

The object-play performed on this occasion, in which computers, machines and algorithms play the leading role, engages in current technological, philosophical discourses on the relationship and dependencies of humans and artificial intelligence (AI), with questions including machine rights, ethical considerations in developing complex AI, possible redistribution of wealth, and new models of social security.

“U.G.A.I.” is a project by the monochrom art/technology/philosophy collective in collaboration with Blind Date Collaboration & Anulla and is a co-production with Olympionik*innen Productions.

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25 Sep2020

19:00 // Ort: Orpheum Graz

26 Sep2020

19:00 // Ort: Orpheum Graz

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