Alexandra Fruhstorfer und Lisa Hofer

Wer schafft die Arbeit?!

   Science Visual Arts

In their project “Wer schafft die Arbeit?!” the designer collective Alexandra Fruhstorfer and Lisa Hofer put design to the test as a sociopolitical tool, setting out to show how the population of Graz can achieve agency in processes of urban development with the aid of creative means.

Residents of Graz are invited to take part in workshops exploring future models of work and the effects of digitisation and automation. In terms of content, the workshops will be accompanied by talks, (audience) discussions, and presentations. The general public will be able to view the results of these events in an interactive exhibition during the Design Month Graz 2020. One aim is also to create a speculative “Job Centre for the Future”.

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Flyer Wer schafft die Arbeit?!

“Wer schafft die Arbeit?” is a cooperation of the designer collective with the Caritas of the Graz-Seckau Diocese and Campus 02 – University of Applied Sciences.

Flyer Wer schafft die Arbeit?!
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